friendly skies?


Will you be traveling over the holidays?

On Sunday I’m going to England for two weeks to visit family and friends, and hopefully to do some shooting. This means a suitcase for F and my clothes, an extra suitcase for presents and whatever else doesn’t fit into suitcase #1 (usually shoes, which I always find ridiculous), a Pelican hard case for my 4×5, and a tripod case.  I always try to stuff the tripod into one of the suitcases – it never works.

Along with a puffy sleep mask, neck pillow, earplugs, books, magazines, myriad travel-size hand lotions and creams, lip balm, and no i-pod (I am the last person in the continental US not to own an i-pod), I always carry on my boxes of Fuji Quickload film with me.

Usually, requesting a film hand-check at security elicits curiosity rather than complaints – what kind of film is this, am I a “professional” photographer, what am I shooting, etc.  I should be thankful that I’ve never had a nightmare encounter with security – I’m reminded of a photographer friend who once was refused a hand-check returning home from China.  After developing her large-format black-and-white sheet film, she discovered wiggly white x-ray lines all over the sheets.  OMG.

The TSA has some decent info on their website for travelers, and more specific details for those of us traveling with film.

Safe travels everyone!

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