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I was excited to read that Doug Dubois is coming out with a book this June,  All the Days and Nights (via Aperture’s blog).  I’ll be the first in line for it.  The book will showcase photographs from his Family Photos series, which I’ve long admired.

Here’s an excellent conversation with Doug Dubois and Alec Soth on Conscientious from October 2007.  Worth reading if you haven’t already.  I second what Alec said about the 1991 MoMA exhibition Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort.  It was also influential for me, though in catalogue form some years later.  I’m shocked you can still buy a copy of it online, I would have thought it was unavailable ages ago!

Doug was kind enough to let me post some of his photographs here.  We should start a fan club!





All photographs © Doug Dubois, Family Photos 1984-1992, 1999-2006

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  1. jane tam Says:

    he was one of my professors. helped me a lot in terms of shooting, editing, ideas, and pushing me to get out there.

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