governors island


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If you haven’t been to Governors Island yet, go now!  The free ferries leave from the Battery Maritime Building (next to the Staten Island Ferry in Lower Manhattan) on weekends on the hour until 5pm. Next time I’m getting on the first ferry out at 10am.  Pack a picnic, bring sunscreen and when you get there, rent a bike for the whole day ($20).  It’s gorgeous! The water views! The hammocks! The fresh air! You won’t want to leave.

And for the rest of the summer, Creative Time presents PLOT/09: This World & Nearer Ones.  Toodle around on your bike and ponder the art installations at various points around the island.  It’s all so freakin’ leisurely and relaxed.  When’s the last time you left your bike unchained and unguarded anywhere?  Oh, and I recommend waiting around for a screening of The Bruce High Quality Foundation’s film Isle of the Dead (trailer here).

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  1. Ganda Says:

    Can you find out if I can bring my bike on the ferry?

  2. hjk Says:

    you can definitely bring your bike on the ferry and lots of people were doing it. let’s go when you’re back in nyc!

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