And finally, here are a few short videos of the press and the technicians in action. These guys really know what they’re doing.

A view of the entire press. I like the technician’s flair:

Another technician working his magic on the “DJ” station:

Here’s the cover being printed – so fast and so noisy:

And lo, the printing is done. Now these form prints need to be bound into books! No Sleep – May release in Europe, September in the States. Woo hoo!

No Sleep catalog page on Kehrer site

After my exciting week in Heidelberg, I took a break in Paris with F.  Here I am with my set of form prints:

Danke and Merci!

2 Responses to “no sleep: the making of, part 3”

  1. Eden Werring Says:

    LOVE it, Heejola!!! xoxox E

  2. hjk Says:

    Thanks Eden, I get a copy next week, can’t wait! xoxo

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