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No Sleep book signing with Hee Jin Kang

Tuesday, December 6th
7 pm
Book Court
163 Court Street
(between Pacific & Dean)
Cobble Hill, Brooklyn


Last week we woke up to a fire three doors down!  10 firetrucks! 100 firemen!

Thankfully no one was hurt.  The building took a beating though.

Then we went to Surprise, NY for the fourth of July.

Surprise is near Climax.  I bought this lime-green panther lamp.  It looks better than it looks.

All photos © Hee Jin Kang 2010

UPDATE: Here’s a youtube link of the fire.  See that green building on the right – that’s us!



© Hee Jin Kang

Annual Giglio Festival in Williamsburg.

trash day fridays


© Hee Jin Kang

trash day fridays


© Hee Jin Kang

trash day fridays


© Hee Jin Kang



© Seba Kurtis

Finally made it to the New York Photo Festival on Sunday. A little drizzly and windy.

WTF? Award goes to the Tobacco Warehouse.  Exhibition hours are listed as 10am-6pm, people.  Why are some exhibitors taking down their installations an hour before the end of the festival? Walking into the pavilion at 5pm, I was pretty shocked and annoyed that some exhibitors already had their prints and frames off the walls and in bubble wrap.  The place was bustling with art handlers working their tape guns, hardly conducive to looking at the remaining pictures.  OK I got there late, but still, I paid $20 for the pleasure.

Whew, Photography is Still Interesting Award goes to Jon Levy and Foto8 for their curated pavilion “Home for Good.”  Here’s a slideshow and description on their website.  I liked work by a couple of photographers previously unknown to me and was relieved to see some well-made prints (don’t get me started about the quality of some of the printing I saw elsewhere – egads).   I particularly liked Seba Kurtis‘s work (above) and install.

Speaking of Foto8, they have a call for entries, deadline June 1st:

After last year’s enormous success FOTO8 and HOST Gallery are pleased to announce the opening of entries to the second Annual Foto8 Awards & Summer Show 2009: a photographic award, exhibition and print fair. The show will follow Foto8’s tradition of supporting new works by contemporary photographers and encouraging independent photojournalism.

If your work has a documentary bent to it, you might consider it.

trash day fridays


© Hee Jin Kang

trash day fridays


© Hee Jin Kang

Happy May!

one week later…



© Hee Jin Kang 2009

Another ugly condo grows in Brooklyn.  Don’t cut off our view of the Empire State Building!  Who moves into these hideous spaces anyway?