summer floaters


Two months ago, I quit a temp job that was making me unhappy.  Temporary workers at this firm were called floaters, yeah I know, that scatological reference, hardy har har, I’ve heard it already.

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier to be free from that job job.

This post is for all the floaters and working stiffs out there – summer’s upon us, I hope you get a chance to take a cool dip in a cold lake soon.

© Tom Hunter
© Dru Donovan
© Shane Lavalette
© Alessandra Sanguinetti
© Jerome Icardo

Several of the above photographs were found on Flak Photo – check it out.



© Seba Kurtis

Finally made it to the New York Photo Festival on Sunday. A little drizzly and windy.

WTF? Award goes to the Tobacco Warehouse.  Exhibition hours are listed as 10am-6pm, people.  Why are some exhibitors taking down their installations an hour before the end of the festival? Walking into the pavilion at 5pm, I was pretty shocked and annoyed that some exhibitors already had their prints and frames off the walls and in bubble wrap.  The place was bustling with art handlers working their tape guns, hardly conducive to looking at the remaining pictures.  OK I got there late, but still, I paid $20 for the pleasure.

Whew, Photography is Still Interesting Award goes to Jon Levy and Foto8 for their curated pavilion “Home for Good.”  Here’s a slideshow and description on their website.  I liked work by a couple of photographers previously unknown to me and was relieved to see some well-made prints (don’t get me started about the quality of some of the printing I saw elsewhere – egads).   I particularly liked Seba Kurtis‘s work (above) and install.

Speaking of Foto8, they have a call for entries, deadline June 1st:

After last year’s enormous success FOTO8 and HOST Gallery are pleased to announce the opening of entries to the second Annual Foto8 Awards & Summer Show 2009: a photographic award, exhibition and print fair. The show will follow Foto8’s tradition of supporting new works by contemporary photographers and encouraging independent photojournalism.

If your work has a documentary bent to it, you might consider it.

bartos book



Folks!  Photog-extraordinaire Adam Bartos has a new book coming out – Yard Sale Photographs – so pre-order yours now before you miss out.

I know the work in this monograph very well and I must tell you, this book is a beauty!

dubois family


I was excited to read that Doug Dubois is coming out with a book this June,  All the Days and Nights (via Aperture’s blog).  I’ll be the first in line for it.  The book will showcase photographs from his Family Photos series, which I’ve long admired.

Here’s an excellent conversation with Doug Dubois and Alec Soth on Conscientious from October 2007.  Worth reading if you haven’t already.  I second what Alec said about the 1991 MoMA exhibition Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort.  It was also influential for me, though in catalogue form some years later.  I’m shocked you can still buy a copy of it online, I would have thought it was unavailable ages ago!

Doug was kind enough to let me post some of his photographs here.  We should start a fan club!





All photographs © Doug Dubois, Family Photos 1984-1992, 1999-2006



© David Bergman,

Photographer David Bergman has created the coolest photograph of the Inauguration ever!  Go to now.  You will not be disappointed.   The photograph is made up of 220 images with a final image size of 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 megapixels.  That is one seriously big picture.  The zoom function kicks butt.  Puffy, Beyoncé, Denzel!  Clarence Thomas sleeping!  Yo-yo Ma snapping pics!  Mysterious disappearing bodies and misaligned heads!  Photo-nerdish as I am, I was most excited to spot a large-format wooden camera (lower right-hand corner) and standing next to it, Annie Leibovitz!

it’s official


The Office of the President Elect (a.k.a. has released the new official portrait for President Barack Obama (press release).


Seriously, I think he’s smiling at me, really!  What a flirt!

Photographed by Pete Souza.  Apparently it’s the first time an official presidential portrait was taken with a digital camera. Wooo…

buck it



Photographer Richard Renaldi recently announced a new publishing venture called Charles Lane Press on his blog.   I’m really looking forward to seeing the first publication Fall River Boys. It is Richard’s second monograph, following his successful first book of mostly portraiture, Figure and Ground.

The constant barrage of bad economic news was making me feel really gloomy.  How refreshing to see an artist bucking the trend and doing something really ambitious!  With behemoth publishing houses scaling back, and newspapers and magazines folding all around us, it is reassuring to witness artists following their passions.

Sign up on the Charles Lane Press mailing list here!

In similar news, photographers Jake Chessum, Christopher Griffith and Christian Weber have set up Auditorium Editions to publish their own monographs.  Once again, a self-funded endeavor!  Andrew Hetherington, aka Jackanory, has a really good interview with the three photographers on his blog here.

print sales galore


Several photographers are selling prints directly through their blogs or websites.  Support an ambitious artist, stimulate the economy, and buy a print for the holidays!

Juliana Beasley:

© Juliana Beasley, “Miss Reingold”

Rona Chang:

© Rona Chang, “Ostrich I-Print”

Harlan Erskine:

© Harlan Erskine, “Guest Bedroom, Vero Beach, Florida”

Here are the photographers’ blogs below (also on my Blogroll):

Juliana’s Lovely Land of Neurosis

Plum and Lion (Rona Chang)

Harlan Erskine Photography/Blog



Jörg‘s show opens on Thursday night at Michael Mazzeo Gallery. See you there!


526 W. 26 Street, Suite 209
6pm – 8pm



Blogroll is finally updated with all the photo blogs I follow via google reader (whew).

Pretty impressive how many photographers out there are writing blogs.  I tried to maintain consistency with the listings, i.e., if a blog has a specific title, it’s listed as such.  If not, then I listed it as x-photographer’s blog. Which makes me wonder, do people prefer to be listed with their name or does it not matter.  My blog is sometimes listed as “H.J.K.”, other times as “Hee Jin Kang’s blog” and I don’t mind either way.

Anyway, happy reading.

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